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Our Story

We understand creating a really beautiful website is difficult. We also understand using those cookie cutter websites will just not cut it anymore. You can't build a brand or get taken serious with a cheesy website.

We also understand finding a good web designer is hard, pricey and often a waste of valuable time. Mastering ecommerce is indeed unbelievably complicated, difficult and requires a lot of money. Like most people, store owners simply want to upload products and start selling as simply and quickly as possible.

We once shared the same frustrations as many entrepreneurs, so we decided to take matters in our hand and simplify ecommerce for millions of entrepreneurs just like you.

We created something remarkable, we created StoreFlyy.

What is StoreFlyy?

StoreFlyy is a cloud based ecommerce platform that allows anybody to create their own mobile store, web store and even a basic website without having any technical expertise.

The platform was designed and built to be simple, fast, reliable and most importantly easy to use. StoreFlyy has all of the cool and critical features needed to run your business, yet without the complexity.

StoreFlyy is the next generation of ecommerce platforms. Not only is it powerful, it's free!.

StoreFlyy is a Microsoft BizSpark Startup and a Google Ad Partner.


To lower the cost and barriers of starting your own business for potentially millions of entrepreneurs.

Be Inspired

Our basic accounts are free.

We wanted to empower the inspiring people and help them fulfill their dreams. The American Dream is indeed achieved though entrepreneurship.

Now, with StoreFlyy, anyone with an idea can have their own online business up and running within 5 minutes or less. It's time to be your own boss.  Now, you can easily. 

Keep us updated on the success of your store. Happy Shopping!