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Below are few screenshots from our StoreFlyy Ecommerce Platform.

The control panel is username and password protected for each store Admin user.

Ecommerce built to be simple.

StoreFlyy Admin Control Panel

Admin Control Panel
StoreFlyy Admin Control Panel - Home

Store Profile
Store Profile - Update every store related detail about your store.

Web Theme Builder
Web Theme Builder - Change your background photo, Logo, font, colors, text, menu items, content, everything right from this builder.

Mobile Theme Builder
Mobile Theme Builder - Change your mobile colors, logos right from this builder.

Built-in Menu Editor
Built-in Menu Editor - Manage your menu without knowing any coding. We minimize any mistakes by only showing your valid options.

Categories - Add as many categories as you desire. Sell your products by category.

Products - Search and manage every detail related to your product. Colors, inventory, overviews, pricing, discounts, etc.

Content Editor
Content Editor - Built-in Rich HTML Control Editor. This is just like using Microsoft Word.

Coupons & Discount
Coupons & Discounts - Create and offer your customers coupons and discounts to jumpstart sales.

Order Management - 1
Order Management - Search thru your orders by date, type, order details and more.

Order Management - 2
Order Management - Manage every detail about your order. Mark orders as processed, shipped, voided and/or completed. You can also update Shipment Tracking.

Reporting - 2
Reporting - Powerful reporting giving you the power to analyze your store performance.

Our Admin Control Panel offer many features to run your online business; including promoting your products to google, MSN search engines as well as posting to Facebook and Twitter.